Allogeneic Mesenchymal Stem Cells 

aka: Allogeneic MSCs

Allogeneic transplants and infusions involve taking stem cells from a donor and introducing them into a recipient’s body. But, the process of doing this is easier said than done. MSC precursor cells must first be extracted from healthy tissue removed from the donor, and are cultured to grow out a homogenous population of pure MSCs. 

Since their discovery, MSCs have been studied for their regenerative properties. However, what truly sets them apart is their ability to modulate immune responses (aka, immunomodulation). This ability allows them reduce harmful effects of an overactive immune system.  Additionally, therapy with MSCs promotes the restoration of diseased, dysfunctional or injured tissue by engaging elements of a disease at the cellular level. Recent clinical studies indicate that MSCs have a strong potential to successfully treat diseases and are gradually being accepted as a safe and effective cell type to use for therapy.

Today, we are in clinical trials testing the powerful anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory properties of our MSC therapies against canine and feline diseases for which there are no cures.


Backed by Decades of Experience


Currently, VetCell Therapeutics USA is in pursuit of FDA approved clinical trials for feline chronic gingivostomatitis, canine atopic dermatitis, and canine osteoarthritis. We developed cell therapies based on a proprietary scientific platform that is backed by research spanning two decades and reinforced by a vast portfolio of intellectual property and patents.

We’ve assembled proprietary GMP-compliant protocols for cultivating and expanding our stem cells in a manner that maximizes viability and potency. A validated, consistently manufactured product is the key to a successful cell therapy. As such, we’ve invested heavily in our manufacturing operations to ensure the reliable and reproducible production of clinical-grade cell therapies. 

Manufactured to the Highest Standard

VetCell Therapeutics USA’s products are manufactured in a controlled and regulated environment. The production procedures have been carefully developed and validated to produce a consistent product. 

  • VCT USA operates a GMP-compliant facility 
  • All cell products are made in an ISO 7 clean-room
  • Every  product produced is verified for quality and sterility

Monitoring and ensuring consistent quality is a primary focus in our stem cell manufacturing process. Quality control includes analyzing and testing vials for stability and cell health to certify that the products offer a consistent yield. Our MSCs also go through immunology testing to ensure that they properly modulate overactive immune cells and stimulate a healing response. 

  • Every batch of cells undergoes the same quality control to guarantee we consistently manufacture healthy and functional cells. 
  • Each batch is reviewed and signed off by the quality assurance department and a certificate of analysis is included.

 The quality of VetCell Therapeutics USA’s products is of utmost importance. To that end, VetCell Therapeutics USA employs multiple layers of protection to ensure the products we produce are pure and free of potential contaminates.

Viability and Stability

When frozen down and thawed for use, our MSCs maintain an exceptional 97% viability.


Fresh Cells


Frozen Cells

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