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Our MSC Products

To inquire about or place an order for VetCell Therapeutics USA’s MSC products, please email or call us at +1-949-428-0500.
Product NameProduct DescriptionPrice
CT-1Allogeneic canine adipose derived mesenchymal stem cells (caMSC) - 15 million cell count minimumTBD
FT-1Allogeneic feline adipose derived mesenchymal stem cells (feMSC) - 5 million cell count minimumTBD

Characterization of Cells:

  1. Strong capacity to expand.
  2. Multipotential differentiation along osteogenic, chondrogenic and adipogenic lineages.

Quality Control:

  1. Tested negative for bacteria, fungi and mycoplasma.
  2. Undetectable for endotoxin.
  3. Normal karyotype.

Delivery and Storage:

  1. Frozen cells are shipped on dry ice.
  2. Upon receipt, store cells in liquid nitrogen immediately upon arrival.
  3. When stored at the recommended storage conditions, cells are stable up to the expiration date.

Product Performance:

Canine and feline Mesenchymal Stem Cells have a finite lifespan in vitro. The cryopreserved cells are assured to be viable and functional when thawed and maintained properly.

Intended Use:

Intended for non-human laboratory research use only.

MSC Differentiation Potential

Osteo Positive

Osteo Control

Chondro Positive

Chondro Control

Adipo Positive

Adipo Control

Chromosome Analysis

Chromosome analysis at the end of passage 2 shows that the MSCs do not undergo any genetic abnormalities.

Functional Properties

The MSCs suppress the growth of PBMCs in an MLR assay; showing that the MSCs have immunomodulatory and immunosuppressive properties. Results are normalized with respect to the stimulated PBMC.



Why Partner with VetCell Therapeutics USA


Our MSCs are developed for use in research and clinical disease models

MSCs can be shipped fresh or frozen. Our shipping system preserves cell freshness and maximizes viability

We operate out of a GMP facility. Our clinical-grade products are developed in a cleanroom

Custom MSC products can be developed and manufactured upon customer request

We provide consulting and technical guidance for cell products and offer contract cleanroom manufacturing

GMP Manufacturing

VetCell Therapeutics USA’s products are manufactured in a controlled and regulated environment. The production procedures have been carefully developed and validated to produce a consistent product.

  1. VCT USA operates a GMP-compliant facility
  2. All cell products are made in an ISO 7 clean-room
  3. Every  product produced is verified for quality and sterility

Dedication to Quality

Monitoring and ensuring consistent quality is a primary focus in our stem cell manufacturing process. Quality control includes analyzing and testing vials for stability and cell health to certify that the products offer a consistent yield. Our MSCs also go through testing to ensure that they do not overstimulate immune cells.

  1. Every batch of cells undergoes the same quality control to guarantee we consistently manufacture healthy and functional cells.
  2. Each batch is reviewed and signed off by the quality assurance department and a certificate of analysis is included.
  3. All animal donors are pre-screened for various diseases to ensure a quality product.

The quality of VetCell Therapeutics USA’s products is of utmost importance. To that end, VetCell Therapeutics USA employs multiple layers of protection to ensure the products we produce are pure and free of potential contaminates.


Rigorous Quality Testing

Prior to shipping any cell product, we conduct thorough in-house and third-party quality testing to ensure purity, sterility, viability and translational properties of our MSC products. Below is data gathered from our internal testing of three randomly selected batches of MSCs.

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