Receiving an FCGS diagnosis can leave you with many questions about your cat’s quality of life. If you have a cat that has been diagnosed with FCGS, or are interested in learning more about FCGS, you’ve come to the right place.


First of All, what is Feline Chronic Gingivostomatitis aka FCGS?

FCGS is an immune mediated disease, where the cat’s immune system is dysregulated, resulting in excessive inflammation in response to an unknown cause (possibly bacterial or viral activity) in the mouth. The disease causes painful oral swelling and ulceration that if not properly treated can significantly impact the cat’s quality of life.



How is FCGS typically treated today?

Depending on the severity of the cat’s condition, a veterinarian may choose to manage the symptoms of FCGS through either one or a combination of treatments – the keyword here being “manage.” There is no cure for FCGS today, just treatments designed to manage the symptoms. With light cases, a veterinarian may choose to treat a cat with antibiotics and recommend regular teeth cleaning to see if the symptoms subside. For moderate cases, a veterinarian may also prescribe an anti-inflammatory drug treatment, and with severe cases, cats usually undergo a partial- or full-mouth tooth extraction. For many cats, removing all teeth clears the disease.



What is DentaHealTM?

Developed by VetCell Therapeutics USA, DentaHeal is an investigational allogeneic mesenchymal stem cell product intended for clinical use as a treatment for FCGS. The theory behind the therapy is that the immunomodulatory properties of mesenchymal stem cells treats the disease at the cellular level, ultimately resetting the immune system and modulating its response to instigators in the mouth. DentaHeal will be provided to clinical trial patients at no cost to pet owners.



How Do I Enroll My Cat In This Trial?

For your cat to qualify for the DentaHeal clinical trial a few basic requirements must be met. To find out if your cat qualifies visit:

If your cat has received an FCGS diagnosis, has had some or all teeth pulled and is not responding to treatment, and if you happen to live in the metro regions of Greater Los Angeles/Orange County, San Francisco Bay Area, Minneapolis, MN, or Portland, OR, we encourage you to reach out directly to one the respective collaborating clinical site. These clinical sites will help navigate you through the patient enrollment process.


Clinical NameLocationDoctors
Aggie Animal Dental Center
(Serving San Francisco Bay Area)
Mill Valley, CADr. Amy Fulton and Dr. Melinda Lommer
Dog & Cat Dentist, Inc.
(Serving Greater Los Angeles Area)
Culver City, CADr. Anson Tsugawa and Dr. Jenna Winer
Animal Dental Clinic
(Serving Portland Metropolitan Area)
Lake Oswego, ORDr. Jean Battig, Dr. Randi Brannan and Dr. Sarah Bonner

College of Veterinary Medicine

University of Minnesota
(Serving Minneapolis – Saint Paul Area)


Minneapolis, MNDr. Stephanie Goldschmidt

Veterinarians who have patients suffering from FCGS that are interested in enrolling their patient in the DentaHeal clinical trial are encouraged to contact the above four mentioned clinics for consultation. If pet owner doesn’t reside in the regions served above, please reach out to VetCell Therapeutics USA via email at, or fill by filling out the contact form at